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Company History

Failure Prevention Services began in 1987 to provide filtration products to the oil and gas industry. As environmental costs skyrocketed, FPS received many requests for a better, re-useable filtration system. This is when Dan Beuker and Walt Oancia joined the FPS team. After many attempts to source this type of filter, both in the North American and overseas markets, it became evident that the only way to obtain quality stainless steel filters was to manufacture them in-house. FPS now manufactures the premier stainless steel reusable filters in the market. Building on the concept of reusable filters, a system for proper cleaning became a priority. Our ultrasonic cleaning process removes all the contaminants from the filters utilizing a process that also concentrates the resulting waste materials to be disposed of. A new building and the necessary equipment was designed and purchased in 1994, and production of stainless steel filters began mid year. Since that time Failure Prevention Services has expanded five times, currently employing twenty five staff in a facility of approximately 35,000 sq. ft.
FPS is continuing the objective of maintaining its’ ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications. Since June of 1998, Failure Prevention Services has maintained this standard in its’ manufacturing of high quality stainless steel filtration products.

Failure Prevention Services - 1.877.500.3210 - info@fps-ss.com