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Failure Prevention Services manufactures environmentally recleanable filtration products for every application. Your systems and processes can benefit from superior filtration increasing equipment lifespan, improving performance, and saving you money. We can assist you in developing an environmentally friendly plan for your filtration needs.

Environmental Benefits
  • Eliminates Disposal Costs
  • Eliminates Disposal Liability
  • Reduce Landfill Waste and Environmental Harm
  • Recyclable

Economical Benefits

  • Reduce Inventory Needs and Costs
  • A One-Time Cost that Pays Back Quickly
  • Environmentally Friendly
Efficiency & Design Benefits
  • 100% Stainless Construction
  • Increased Surface Area and Flow Rates
  • Longer Fluid Life
  • High Heat Tolerances
  • High Resistance to Chemicals and Corrosion
  • Extended Maintenance Intervals
  • Improves Filtration Performance
  • Absolute Rated Contaminant Removal




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